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Timothy Childs – TCHO

He’s talking about the process of making a chocolate company. Used to be a space geek, then a confectioner. Chocolate is one of the most complex things he’s seen. How do you choose a chocolate? How do you choose by percentage and origin is clunky. They wanted to create a simplified model of the chocolate […]

Ian Dunbar – Dogs

Dogs have interest. They try to harness the distractions that dogs naturally have. You can’t compete with the dog’s natural views, “rear end vs owner.” You train a dog by making up rules, human rules, we don’t take the dog’s rules into account. We keep these rules a secret from the dog. Then we punish […]

Caleb Chung – Pleo

Giving Toys is his company. Used to work at Mattel. He did a lot of toys, most did not go, 1 out of 20 or 30 would go live. Showing a lot of funny demos of various toys that didn’t go, like the flame-throwing tail. Did the McDonald’s cooking toys, which did about 50mm. Eventually […]

Ken Knowlton – Mosaics

He was initially fascinated with technology as a result of the 1939 World’s Fair in New York. He started in a one-room school, then a 80 person-class high school, cornell, then MIT where he was introduced to computers. He authored the first computer programming language for raster movies. “Seen as the founder of computer film […]

Angelin Chang

A classical pianist and music professor. LA is a special place to my family, because my older brother, Angelo, was born here. Next in line, Angelin, Angelina, and Angel. Anybody know what a “hoosier” is? It originated when there was a knock on the door and people in Indiana would say “who’s there? (hoos-ierrrr?)” She’s […]

Chef Ann Cooper

She wants to change the type of food in school. Teach them the relationship between healthy planet, healthy food, nad healthy kids. We got here because of big agribusiness. Monsanto and DupPont control 90% of the commercially produced seeds. Average food travels 1,500 miles before we eat it. No food with frequent flyer miles. Most […]

Marvin Minsky

Going to talk about the dark side of cuteness. When I was a kid, the story of the three bears, Goldilocks. When I heard that story, I didn’t see anything wrong with bears that talked or made porridge, but I didn’t see any thermodynamic way which it could fit. Marvin has a book called The […]

Keith Schwab

Why do physicists “believe” these strange theories? Physics is based on experimental reality. “The test of all knowledge is experiment. Experiment is the sole judge of scientific truth.” Richard Feynman. Phisics is based on experiment. The nature of Reality is absurd. We don’t know what QM means, but that it is highly testable without discrepancy. […]

Vignettes: Paul Horowitz

Lets’s compress the time between the sun forming and today into one “day.” Life formed around 05:20. The last hour, dinosaurs became exect at 11:39. In the last minute, neaderthals didn’t come until 11:59:58.1. Here’s the picture of the graph. Paul said that when he tells people that there are more stars than grains of […]

Brian Greene

In the decades that ended in the mid 1920s, Scientists did work that resulted in a fundamental understanding of the world like we never could have before. The contributions of quantum mechanics stand on their own. People don’t understand the basics of quantum mechanics. He showed some examples of “quantum” being misused. He’s going to […]