Chef Ann Cooper

She wants to change the type of food in school. Teach them the relationship between healthy planet, healthy food, nad healthy kids. We got here because of big agribusiness. Monsanto and DupPont control 90% of the commercially produced seeds. Average food travels 1,500 miles before we eat it. No food with frequent flyer miles. Most school districts can’t afford organic food, but we can’t keep feeding our children chemicals. 70% of all antibiotics is in animal husbandry. The majority is for weight gain. 75% of the antibiotics in the country have become ineffective. US agriculture uses 1.2 billion of pesticides each year, 5lbs for every American. The USDA can not be seen as the final say in what we feed our kids. The point of all of this is sustainable food.

We now have more prisoners than farmers. Unhealthy eating can lead to lot of bad things. She just put a picture of a coffin and tombstone on the screen. 40% of cancer is diet related. 80% of cancer can be prevented through ealthful diet and exercise. CDC has said that children born in 2000 could be the first generation in a long time that lives a shorter time than their parents. Cheap corn and keep soy promote this bad types of food and allow fast food to be so cheap. We need to teach our kids that vegtables are actually colorful and have flavor. In Berkeley they’ve gone totally local farm, no high fructose syrups, etc. Scratch cooking is the center of their program.

1 out of every four meals is fast food, 1 out of four is eaten in front of a TV or computer. Instead of the national school lunch program being under the USDA it should be under the CDC.

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