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Kara Swisher Coverage

Last week Kara Swisher had a short conversation with Michael Hawley about what the plans were for EG2007. Now she’s compiled a 5 minute video showing “the brass band that opened the conference; shell art; a speech by Wurman; some piano playing by Hawley; former Microsoftie Nathan Myhrvold making VP Dick Cheney “cute” (no easy […]

Politico Coverage

Politico has picked up on Rob Glaser’s presentation in this story, ‘Liberal’ lingo’s Tinseltown translation.

Leon Fleisher

Second Adam Savage Interview

Adam was gracious enough to answer a second set of questions I had, sent in by a good friend’s three children, who are huge fans of his show. For the record, here’s their favorite episodes: Sophie (11): the one where they try to quietly break into a building Ben (9): the one where they shoot […]

Nathan Myhrvold Interview

Chatting with Nathan about the Dvorak keyboard layout.

John Markoff

(These are loose, John went fairly deep into the three stories.) Want to tell three stories that were under appreciated by my editors. I think I’m the longest surviving technology reporter in Silicon Valley. Peter Kerry is at the Merc and one of my heroes, but he’s mostly an investigative reporter. Went to school with […]

Adam Savage Interview

Adam Savage talks about what he wants to do after Mythbusters:

Kevin Kelly

The web thing that we’re all talking about, is less than 5,000 days old. If 10 years ago I told you everything was coming, and that it all was coming for free, you wouldn’t have believed. We thought the internet was going to be TV but better. Wikipedia is impossible in theory, but possible in […]

Ian Dunbar Interview

The website he mentioned is available here: dogstardaily.com.

Andrew Keen Interview