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Second Adam Savage Interview

Adam was gracious enough to answer a second set of questions I had, sent in by a good friend’s three children, who are huge fans of his show. For the record, here’s their favorite episodes: Sophie (11): the one where they try to quietly break into a building Ben (9): the one where they shoot […]

Nathan Myhrvold Interview

Chatting with Nathan about the Dvorak keyboard layout.

Adam Savage Interview

Adam Savage talks about what he wants to do after Mythbusters:

Ian Dunbar Interview

The website he mentioned is available here:

Andrew Keen Interview

Bob Metcalfe

At lunch I caught up with Bob Metcalfe and asked him what he thought about the acceleration of technology. He believes in it, but with one important twist.

Pablos Holman – Bump Key Demo

During his presentation Pablos demonstrated a bump key, which is a trick to bump a specially crafted key in most locks and it will open it. One of my trading cards was actually getting one from him, and when I tracked him down he gave me a short demo for the camera:

Brewster Kahle on How to Help

I asked Brewster Kahle how people could help out the fine work he spoke about earlier.

Interview with John Q. Walker

I caught up with John Q. Walker a bit on the break to ask him about where the Disklavier technology is going. John did the demo with the recreated performances that blew everyone in the conference away.