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Andrew Lippman – Architectures for the Future

The message that I have is simple: We’re not in charge anymore. It’s over. I’m a geek, I’m a technologist, just didn’t qualify for the geek session so I got thrown into this session. We invent, control, debug, our hope is we’re having some effect, and we’re not! Society has taken over, it’s not about […]

Amy Tan

There is no way to nail down what imagination is, but for me it’s metaphor. Those with imagination seem to see associates here and there, more free with some than others. When creative people take tests sometimes they test closely to psychosis. A traumatic childhood, her father and brother died within one year of brain […]

Jared Diamond

Today I’d like to talk to about the number thirty-two. It’s two raised to the fifth power. To an economist it’s interest because it measures the difference in consumption rates between first and third world, we use about 32x oil and power. Today the world has about 6.5 billion people, will rise to about 9 […]

Richard Saul Wurman

We don’t have to be here, we could get things off the web, out of a book. There’s something so enormoursly special about conversation. They haven’t invented a computer that nods. Think about that. When you talk to another human being they nod, sometimes a lot, sometimes imperceptably. Sometimes a noise comes out of their […]

Bob Metcalfe

At lunch I caught up with Bob Metcalfe and asked him what he thought about the acceleration of technology. He believes in it, but with one important twist.

Tim Kring – Heroes

Creator of Heroes. How it got started, the internet fanbase, and where it’s going. Global consciousness, and how I as someone with a hit TV show can hopefully raise that consciousness. When I was young I was a total geek, but anyone can stumble into greatness. This is a hugely powerful message for people, it’s […]

Nicholas Negroponte – One Laptop per Child

He told his father he wanted to be a sculptor Paris. His father told him that for every year he went to MIT he would pay for a matching year in Paris when he finished. It was very clever. He was planning to study architecture, because it was art and mathematics put together. His headmaster […]

Timothy Childs – TCHO

He’s talking about the process of making a chocolate company. Used to be a space geek, then a confectioner. Chocolate is one of the most complex things he’s seen. How do you choose a chocolate? How do you choose by percentage and origin is clunky. They wanted to create a simplified model of the chocolate […]

Ian Dunbar – Dogs

Dogs have interest. They try to harness the distractions that dogs naturally have. You can’t compete with the dog’s natural views, “rear end vs owner.” You train a dog by making up rules, human rules, we don’t take the dog’s rules into account. We keep these rules a secret from the dog. Then we punish […]

Caleb Chung – Pleo

Giving Toys is his company. Used to work at Mattel. He did a lot of toys, most did not go, 1 out of 20 or 30 would go live. Showing a lot of funny demos of various toys that didn’t go, like the flame-throwing tail. Did the McDonald’s cooking toys, which did about 50mm. Eventually […]