Ken Knowlton – Mosaics

He was initially fascinated with technology as a result of the 1939 World’s Fair in New York. He started in a one-room school, then a 80 person-class high school, cornell, then MIT where he was introduced to computers. He authored the first computer programming language for raster movies. “Seen as the founder of computer film in America.” Within 3 years I got into a project that’s been called the most known he did, even today, Harmon-Knowlton Nude. Basically ASCII-art nude woman lying down, fairly abstract. Now he creates art out of objects, all mosaics, quite striking. I’ve got some pictures below, try to look at them close up and then back away. (I think it’s a better experience in real life.)

Knowlton Nude

This is a portrait of Hellen Keller made out of visual braille:

Hellen Keller

His website is Knowlton Mosaics and he has a wikipedia page.

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