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Jonathan Harris We Feel Fine – scans newly posted blog entries searching for occurances of “I feel” or “I’m feeling” and tries to determine some demographic info about them, like their age, location, what the weather is where they are. About 20,000 sentences a day get put into it.

He has some awesome visualizations for these, one with dots, one with the sentences in order, and this popped up on screen and Jonathan read it:

“I feel like changing to WordPress.”

Cool! 🙂

There’s a version with pictures attached to it, a statistical view that can break it down by weather, gender, gender, .

“I feel like I’m diagonally parked in a parallel universe.”

It collects short stories, sometimes as short as 2-3 words.

New projects, stories from life. The Whale Hunt – he lived in Alaska with some eskimos. The eskimos wait for a whale to pass, and then harpoon it, and then haul it up. He photographed the entire expience, beginning the taxi ride to the 2nd killed whale 7 days later. A camera took a picture every 5 minutes, but he could speed up the pace if something exciting was happening, like a photographic heartbeat.

Bhutan is a country where they focus on Gross National Happiness rather than Gross National Product. He would ask them to rate their happiness between 1-10 and then inflate and give them that number of balloons. Then he asked their wish, and then wrote it on a balloon, took a picture of their hands, a portrait, and then asked them to make a funny face. He’s going through about 10-20 of these mini-stories attached to the pictures, they’re really interesting.

He then took all of the wish balloons, re-inflated all the balloons and put them on a string. They’re still there.

Jonathan is at

Jonathan Harris waving hands

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