Golan Levin

Golan Levin

Experiements at the Intersection of Art, Technology, and Nonverbal Communication.

Golan’s site is Flong.com. (I like that it rhymes.)

“From the perspective of a typical computer, a human is a brain with one finger. – Joy Mountford

So much of the life is conducted through the mouse. The mouse has to be the narrowest straw you try to suck all of human expression through.

The work he does, which manifests itself as art, also is experimentation that he hopes that will be incorporated into the future paradigms of computer.

Dialtones – There was a concert where they registered their mobile phone, and whether they wanted to be soprano, alto, tenor, or bass. They got back a ticket telling them where to sit and got SMSed a ringtone. On stage is people dialing the phones over and over to create a symphony. They would do chords by dialing multipl people at the same time. They’re create melodies that move throuh the crowd. 8,000 phone calls in the 20 minute concert.

Most of his work has to do with gesture and the body. To reflect things back to people so they can learn something about themselves that they didn’t know before. They did an exhibit where singers’ voice and location was an interface into an interactive art project.

He’s doing a live demo of some software called Eyecode that takes a picture of your eyes every time you blink, so the image is wholly constructed by the people who viewed it.

Opto-isolator is a machine which makes eye contact. Right now it looks you in the eye and it blinks when you blink. He wants to do the eye contact like on a train when you look at someone and it looks away, or it looks at the person who is talking.

Another project, called Facecode, when you look at it slices you face into three segments, and then splices it with other people who have also viewed it.

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