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David Binder, Raisin in the Sun

What clearly set Raisin in the Sun apart was that it deals with a black American family not a white American family. I acquired the rights for a Broadway revival and began the task of getting it started, which meant we needed a director. If you have a good director, you can get the stars, […]

Bello Nock. Everybody Bellobrate!

Comic daredevil┬áBello Nock, star of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, was labeled by Time Magazine as “America’s Best Clown.” Today we have the pleasure of having him on EG’s stage. I have spent 35 years learning about life. I have hung by my toes in 30 degree weathers on a helicopter. I play 12 […]

Alvy Ray Smith

You can find more about Alvy Ray Smith’s website here. Known for his work in computer graphics, he now has a second life as a genealogist. Not going to talk about Pixar.I’d like to pay homage to the theory of computability. It’s the theory of how computers work and one of the great inventions of […]

Marc Pachter: Museum Guy

During an esteemed 33 year career Marc Pachter held various high-level positions at the Smithsonian Institute, most recently as Director of the National Portrait Gallery. On his exit, Marc did a collaboration ode to the Portrait Gallery with Stephen Colbert. See the video here. ~ ~ ~ The National Portrait Gallery is the place dedicated […]

Mike Rowe

We kick of the Work & Family evening session with the host of Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel. The castration process of lambs. The Dirty Jobs crew & I were called into a little town in the Rockies. The job in question was sheep rancher. On the show I’m an apprentice and work with […]

Tan Le: Emotiv Systems

Emotiv Systems presented by co-founder Tan Le, talks something amazing – brain wave technology that will change the virtual and 3D gaming experience. Technical difficulties made us lose the transcription but you can find the latest details of the consumer mind-control headset in this month’s issue of Inc. magazine. Definitely something to check out! Update: […]

Scott Kim, puzzle designer

Scott Kim’s website is at For the last 20 years I’ve been designing puzzles. Have done them for books, toys, computer games, puzzle column for Discover magazine. A puzzle is a problem that is fun to solve (as opposed to everyday problems) and has a right answer (as opposed to a toy or game). […]

Bran Ferren

Why do I love photography? Because it’s the intersection of my life with other people’s. Through technology you capture those moments and assemble them. We see remarkable photographers doing important things for the world. I’m not that deep. On a scale of 1-2 I’m a one when it comes to deepness. I just like to […]

Susana Martinez-Conde, neurologist

I use visual tools a lot to try to understand how our brain constructs reality. Shows illusion of something that appears to be a female nude but is really the underarm of a guy: Second illusion shows the A and B squares are actually the same color: Personal question, to find the best visual illusion. […]

Mark Stutzman: Being an Artist

My whole life I dreamed of being an artist. My friends or family would say “you’re quite the artist” and it upset me because I didn’t feel like I was anywhere close to where I needed to be. My favorite was Peter Paul Rubens, my dream was to be something like that. I had a […]