Scott Kim, puzzle designer

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For the last 20 years I’ve been designing puzzles. Have done them for books, toys, computer games, puzzle column for Discover magazine.

A puzzle is a problem that is fun to solve (as opposed to everyday problems) and has a right answer (as opposed to a toy or game).

Puzzles are an art form. It’s a small form like a joke, poem, trick, or song, and the best ones are memorable. Shows the Vase/Profile.

Ambigram, going to feature heavily in next Dan Brown movie.

Rush Hour by Nob Yoshigahara, it’s a sliding block puzzle. I saw this idea and I wanted to make a sequel, it should have its own identity. Railroad Rush Hour, new square piece that can move both ways.

Dominate form of electronic gaming is casual (Bejeweled) and interactive (Rock Band). Second trend is mental fitness, games like Brain Age, Soduku. Third trend is social media, Facebook and Youtube.

First game is called Photograb. Next game will be called Wordstream.

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