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Berkeley Breathed

Famed Cartoonist of Opus. I just quit my cartooning career after 30 years. In the EG spirit of open intimacy I’m going to review how I got to this place of shame. It was 1973, senior assignment. The only art class I mostly stayed awake in. [image] Worthless in many artistic regards. I have no […]

Ralph Osterhout: Inventor

Known as a serial productizer of technology, Ralph Osterhout regularly ricochets between Advanced military Systems, High-tech Toys, Electronic Intelligence and Consumer Products. his major customers: Department of Defense, major Toy Companies and perfromance-oriented product companies, worldwide. The common thread: high performance, low cost and meaningful innovation. ~ ~ ~ I used to be a defense […]

David Pogue

We’ve got the video now! Here’s our original post: I’ve been reading his work for years so I’m thrilled to be listening to David Pogue, technology columnist and blogger for the New York Times. Tagged in the Gizmos & Gadgets session I wonder what he’s going to focus his presentation on. Well, we all get […]

Nicholas Negroponte: One Laptop per Child

I presented last year at EG. So this is an update: What’s happened, where has it gone? What are the kids learning and what are the teachers telling us from around the world? Netbooks, a new layer of affordable laptops in the $350 price point, by sometime in the next year will represent 50% of […]

Dan Ariely: Predictably Irrational

Dan Ariely is a Professor of Behaviorial Economics at Duke University and author of Predictably Irrational. Good morning. I’ll tell you a little bit about irrational behavior – not yours, other peoples’. Writing academic papers are not that exciting. Often not fun to read, and often worse to write. So I tried to write a […]

Bello Nock. Everybody Bellobrate!

Comic daredevil┬áBello Nock, star of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, was labeled by Time Magazine as “America’s Best Clown.” Today we have the pleasure of having him on EG’s stage. I have spent 35 years learning about life. I have hung by my toes in 30 degree weathers on a helicopter. I play 12 […]

Marc Pachter: Museum Guy

During an esteemed 33 year career Marc Pachter held various high-level positions at the Smithsonian Institute, most recently as Director of the National Portrait Gallery. On his exit, Marc did a collaboration ode to the Portrait Gallery with Stephen Colbert. See the video here. ~ ~ ~ The National Portrait Gallery is the place dedicated […]

Mike Rowe

We kick of the Work & Family evening session with the host of Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel. The castration process of lambs. The Dirty Jobs crew & I were called into a little town in the Rockies. The job in question was sheep rancher. On the show I’m an apprentice and work with […]

Tan Le: Emotiv Systems

Emotiv Systems presented by co-founder Tan Le, talks something amazing – brain wave technology that will change the virtual and 3D gaming experience. Technical difficulties made us lose the transcription but you can find the latest details of the consumer mind-control headset in this month’s issue of Inc. magazine. Definitely something to check out! Update: […]

Bran Ferren

Why do I love photography? Because it’s the intersection of my life with other people’s. Through technology you capture those moments and assemble them. We see remarkable photographers doing important things for the world. I’m not that deep. On a scale of 1-2 I’m a one when it comes to deepness. I just like to […]