Ralph Osterhout: Inventor

Known as a serial productizer of technology, Ralph Osterhout regularly ricochets between Advanced military Systems, High-tech Toys, Electronic Intelligence and Consumer Products. his major customers: Department of Defense, major Toy Companies and perfromance-oriented product companies, worldwide. The common thread: high performance, low cost and meaningful innovation.

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I used to be a defense contractor.
What toys & military have in common.
The military poaches from the toy industry and vice versa. It’s a symbiotic relationship.

Ralph is a man who loves toys. He goes to the toy store, collects the best of the best, for example, when looking at robots he’ll dissect R/C trucks to see how they work. What components are they made out of? And then figure out how they can provide value and meaning in a military situation – like robots diffusing bombs.

We need affordable, low cost robots that can be deployed in real life scenarios. This is technology that we’ve already invested in, paid for, via military R&D.

Ralph’s work can be viewed via his company website: The Osterhout Design Group

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