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Monday Night Dinner

The dinner tonight was really great. I tried to write down the restruants that were present, here they are: Gelata, a southern Thai restrauant. Burmese cooking of Golden Triangle. Cambodian dishes from Sophie’s in Long Beach. Soul food called Larkin’s. Harold and Bell’s part of large Creole community in LA.

Vignette: Miguel Angel Corzo and Ryan McCullough

Right before the performance of Ryan MacEvoy McCullough.

Vignette: Monday Morning

Had a little trouble with the shuttles this morning, which got myself and about 5 other folks this morning a few minutes late this morning. However I did snap a picture of Louis DeMattei, Amy Tan, and a charming lady whose name I missed. (If you can help out leave a comment.) Here’s Michael introducing […]

Sunday Done

Sunday is now all wrapped up, what a whirlwind first day. Met some great people at dinner. (Saw Jeff Bezos in the crowd and at dinner.) Going to try to rest up so I can do my best to keep up tomorrow.

Raw Notes

Hello everyone, Matt here. I’m using the break to post the raw notes from the sessions, which are full of typos and may be difficult to read. As the day goes on and at the latest tonight I’ll clean these up and fill them with pictures as well like I have with the first few. […]

Behind, but still here

There is no downtime between sessions, but I’m trying to backfill pictures and entries in quiet moments in subsequent sessions, but everything is so fast-paced it’s more likely that more of the entries will go up during the break in about an hour.

Conference Tag: eg2007

I’m going to borrow something the tech conferences I usually attend and declare a conference tag: eg2007. What’s that mean? A tag is just a keyword attached to something, like a blog post or picture. If we all use the same tag while talking about the same thing, it makes it easy to aggregate the […]

In the Beginning

We’re a mere hours away from the beginning of Entertainment Gathering 2007, so now is as good a time as any to kick off coverage here with an introduction. The goal of this blog is to document the conference for posterity, providing a glimpse for the people not able to attend and color for those […]