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In 2002 I started contributing to Open Source software, and life has just gotten better from there. Co-founder of WordPress, founder Automattic.

Jon Kamen

Most recently the executive producer of  Britney: On the Record, Jon Kamen is chairman and chief executive officer of I’m a producer. I have a company called Radical Media: tv shows, documentaries, advertising. We work with NGOs and very eclectic projects. I got a call from Richard (founder of EG) – I can say […]

Rick Smolan

Rick Smolan is an American photographer probably most famous for his Day in the Life series. Rick Smolan opens by thanking everyone who helped contribute to his project, and for being here at the EG conference. We all live in really  tough time right now. The world has become a scary and unsettling place. We […]

Aaaaand we’re off!

Welcome back everyone. We just opened with an amazing performance by Greg Anderson and Elizabeth Joy Roe, concert duo-pianists who as Mike put it “I play piano and they play piano in a way I’ve never heard before.” If you’d like a sample of their playing, here’s a Youtube video from their site: I’m honored […]

Bach Project on Track

A preview of Michael Lawrence’s Bach Project was screened at EG2007 to much regard. In another EG2007 story of kismet, John Abele, who spoke about his family’s submarine search, has decided to provide substantial funding to the film so it can finish production. Read all about it in the Baltimore Sun. I wonder what connections […]

Kara Swisher Coverage

Last week Kara Swisher had a short conversation with Michael Hawley about what the plans were for EG2007. Now she’s compiled a 5 minute video showing “the brass band that opened the conference; shell art; a speech by Wurman; some piano playing by Hawley; former Microsoftie Nathan Myhrvold making VP Dick Cheney “cute” (no easy […]

Politico Coverage

Politico has picked up on Rob Glaser’s presentation in this story, ‘Liberal’ lingo’s Tinseltown translation.

Leon Fleisher

Second Adam Savage Interview

Adam was gracious enough to answer a second set of questions I had, sent in by a good friend’s three children, who are huge fans of his show. For the record, here’s their favorite episodes: Sophie (11): the one where they try to quietly break into a building Ben (9): the one where they shoot […]

Nathan Myhrvold Interview

Chatting with Nathan about the Dvorak keyboard layout.

John Markoff

(These are loose, John went fairly deep into the three stories.) Want to tell three stories that were under appreciated by my editors. I think I’m the longest surviving technology reporter in Silicon Valley. Peter Kerry is at the Merc and one of my heroes, but he’s mostly an investigative reporter. Went to school with […]