Jim Citrin

Jim Citrin Jim is a executive headhunter. Last night at dinner someone stopped him to talk about enhanced metadata and standards, she thought he did a different kind of “search.” He’s asking a series of questions:

Where are you in your career? first quarter, second quarter, third quarter, fourh courter, retired

How do you assess yourself in your profession? Intermediate, high performer, expert, world class.

Rate your focus, 100 points: __ To excel and achieve personal success + __ to make others around you sucessful.

Three quick words that provide true meaning in your life?

Have you found your life’s calling? Not looking, still looking, found it

If you’ve found your life’s calling, what impact could it ultimately achieve. Meaningful at the individual level, important at the local level,

How close are you to realizing this potential? Just starting to make a dent, a quarter there, half way there, just about there

He’s been exploring success at the CEo level for 14 years. He’s written a number of books. He did a lot of research, talked to 50 notable people from Bono to Tiger Woods, he wanted to figure out what are the elements of success.

There is almost no exception to the 10 year rule, that you can’t become world-class in a field in fewer than 10 years. The break point is hours of practice, but not just number of hours, but how directed and deliberate the practice is.

Michael Jordan vs Bill Bradley. Juxtapositions. MJ – no one had greater natural talent, no one worked harder, etc. The question is, what has he done with his resources since he retired? He’s lost a big opportunity to have an impact. Bill Bradley, the entire time he was at the Knicks he was laying the foundation

Jack Nicklaus vs Tiger Woods. Tiger uses golf as a means to an end, he wants to have a bigger impact. Mick Jagger vs Bono. Bjorn Borg vs Billie Jean King. Noel Cunningham vs You. He came over as a normal guy, was a cook, eventually opened a restruant in Denver called Strings, called a foundation called Quarters for Kids, connects students in Denver to connect them with Ethiopian children in need.

Assignment – reflect on your answers to the 7 initial questions. Write one paragraph – 10 years from now.

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