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John Q. Walker The dream of listeners everywhere is to be there for a live performance, it’s the ultimate experience . Zenph Studios wants to separate performance and recording. He’s about to play the 1955 version live. They digitize 70+ factors of every note. The Yamaha Disklavier piano just performed Gordon Gould performing two of the Goldberg Variations. It was amazing.

Step by step, music will be turned into data. Audio came very late because our ears are so hard to fool. Not bits, but the data behind how the music was created.

The future is: Music = data + algorithims.

Right now recordings are frozen. In the future it’s going to be user controlled, you can break down music into the data and suit it to your personal moods and tastes. The elements of the music become like building blocks, a buffet where you can pick and choose what you like.

Now doing an Art Tatum recording. Will be a re-release of his album Piano Starts Here. Another great recreated performance. (I want one!)

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