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Bill Lange & Dave Gallo: Deep Sea Explorers

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution rolled tape on some amazing underwater imagery filmed by robots and high-tech cameras. The Institute also films using air ships to monitor (without disturbing) marine animals. The purpose of their presentation is to share with us the idea that the world, made up mostly of water, is not an empty oasis […]

Fresh Approaches Finished

We just wrapped up the “Fresh Approaches” part of the afternoon, we’ll be back with “Evolution & Revolution” at 5:30 PM PST, including Mark Moffett, Frans Lanting, Dana Gluckstein, David Macaulay, and Cameron Carpenter.

In appreciation: George Carlin

Mike Hawley wanted to honor three wordsmiths, one per day, in the conference that passed away this year. The first today is George Carlin. Mike chose to highlight two vignettes of George’s work, the first the intro to the famous 7 words sketch, which you can watch here but for obvious reasons I wouldn’t recommend […]

David Elliot Cohen – photography can change the world.

Bestselling author and editor, David Elliot Cohen has written or co-authored more than seventy large-format illustrated books — many with Rick Smolan — that have collectively sold more than 5 million copies. Most were in the hugely popular Day in the Life or America 24/7 photography book series co-founded by Cohen and Smolan. ~ ~ […]

Matt Harding

Matt Harding is my nemesis, for taking the #1 search result spot for “matt” on Google. (I held the spot from 2003–2008.) But just take a look at some of his videos and you’ll see why: New York Times declared it almost a perfect piece of internet art. If you Google for “matt” there’s 174 […]

Miru Kim

[Miru Kim’s site] I was raised in Soeoul Korea, and I moved to NYC to attend college. I was pre-med and I thought I’d become a surgeon because I was interested in anatomy and dissecting animals really piqued my curiosity. At the same time I fell in love with NYC and started to realize that […]

Jon Kamen

Most recently the executive producer of¬† Britney: On the Record, Jon Kamen is chairman and chief executive officer of I’m a producer. I have a company called Radical Media: tv shows, documentaries, advertising. We work with NGOs and very eclectic projects. I got a call from Richard (founder of EG) – I can say […]

Rick Smolan

Rick Smolan is an American photographer probably most famous for his Day in the Life series. Rick Smolan opens by thanking everyone who helped contribute to his project, and for being here at the EG conference. We all live in really¬† tough time right now. The world has become a scary and unsettling place. We […]

Aaaaand we’re off!

Welcome back everyone. We just opened with an amazing performance by Greg Anderson and Elizabeth Joy Roe, concert duo-pianists who as Mike put it “I play piano and they play piano in a way I’ve never heard before.” If you’d like a sample of their playing, here’s a Youtube video from their site: I’m honored […]

Liz Diller

Architecture fundamentally challenges the assumptions and conventions of space. She’s gathered a sample of work that demonstrates “productive Nihilism.” High defitinion has become the new othedoxy. They created an exhibition space which was a cloud, like fog. Fog pyramids, about 300 feet wide, sits on 4 delicate columns. The system is reading the real weather. […]